About Alaina E. Milare

Hello! And welcome to my art gallery! You clicked on the "About" tab, so I suppose that means you want to hear me talk about myself. If you clicked on it by mistake, that's okay, my feelings aren't hurt... oh, you DO want to know about me? Well, I wasn't really expecting... okay, so maybe I'll just start with the dry stuff.


I'm 37 years old (subject to change), I live in the United States, specifically New Hampshire. I'm married and I have a little boy in Kindergarten. I have brown hair and eyes, I'm 4'11" (limbo master) and my fingernails grow way faster than I really want them to. I swear I'm filing the stupid things every two minutes... but that's probably not important. 

Moving on to a more art-related topic...

I'm a complete nerd, so I tend to draw nerdy stuff. Much of my work is based on tabletop RPG's, especially White Wolf/Onyx Path's "Changeling: the Dreaming". I have a BA in illustration but I consider my education in art far far far from over. I do take commissions occasionally, when the time allows, and I'll update the status on my Commissions page when they're open. 

I'm so happy to finally have a designated place to put my artwork, and thank you so very much for taking the time to visit it. Honestly, you're the best! 

How do you end these? I guess I'll just stop typ-